The Easiest Way to Update Spyder to the Latest Version

Update Python Environments in 1 min with Conda.

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As some of you might face an issue cannot updating Sypder and other python modules to the latest. Sometimes, your anaconda navigator shows the outdated environment. In this article, I will show you an easy way to update your Spyder to the latest version.

Prerequisite: Conda or Miniconda or Anaconda installed. 🐍

1.) Open Terminal or Anaconda Prompt with the administrator right.

2.) Update your conda/anaconda to the latest version with the following commands:

// update conda
$ conda update conda
// Optionally, also update anaconda
$ conda update anaconda

3.) Update Spyder (or other Python environments)

// Update Spyder to the latest version
$ conda update sypder
// Update Spyder to the specific version
// (e.g. spyder version 4.1.5)
$ conda install spyder=4.1.5
// Then, check list of all environment version
$ conda list

That’s about it. I hope you like this short and easy guide.

Enjoy Python!

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