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  • Wing Poon

    Wing Poon

    Machine-Learning and Computer-Vision Engineer. I’ve worked on TD-fNIRS neuro-imaging at Kernel, LiDAR sensors at Quanergy, and Stadia gaming at Google.

  • Magdalena Konkiewicz

    Magdalena Konkiewicz

    Data Scientist, NLP, ML practitioner, and educator. Blogging from Medium and aboutdatablog.com. Support my writing: https://medium.com/@konkiewicz.m/membership

  • Duck's Journey

    Duck's Journey

    A Journey of love and joy.

  • Andrew Constable MBA

    Andrew Constable MBA

    Founder, Consultant and Writer. Building a Fantastic Innovative Company! (http://visualisesolutions.co.uk).

  • Google Earth

    Google Earth

    The whole world in your browser.

  • Vickie Li

    Vickie Li

    Professional investigator of nerdy stuff. Hacks and secures. Creates god awful infographics. https://twitter.com/vickieli7

  • Tiffany France

    Tiffany France

    Data Visualization Specialist, Designer, Engineer, Storyteller

  • Bee Guan Teo

    Bee Guan Teo

    Data Scientist. Like problem solving with Python

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